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What most people consider a "good" dog
is really just a well-trained dog

Pet Suites, Inc. in NM

I read about Pet Suites on-line when I was trying to find a good place to train my 16 month old Golden Retriever Sam. It was worth it to me to drive 350 miles one-way for good training.

Pet Suites Board and Train program has made a huge difference in Sam's behavior. He seemed to be out of control when I dropped him off and now I see amazing positive changes in his behavior. What a difference!  Sam has become calmer, and now follows commands! I don't think that we talked about the begging problem at all but now he doesn't do that anymore. He is respectful and lays down at my side as told. He does not pull on walks and with the new harness is learning well. I can't say enough about Pet Suites: the staff cared for Sam with love and attention and they have taught me to be a good pack leader. I recommend them highly!

-Sincere and with HUGE thanks, Teri and SamTeri Paul, Bluff, UT

Pet Suites Boot Camp is the way to go when your pup is a wild child! We checked our Gypsy into camp for a week and she returned with good manners, and most importantly, she didn't lose an ounce of her happy spirit and great personality. Everyone at Pet Suites was terrific during the process. We called daily, and our follow up questions were taken care of with genuine concern as well. Pet Suites really cared about out pet "graduating" to good dog status, and we feel our girl was treated with love and kindness throughout her training. Thanks to everyone at Pet Suites.... we REALLY couldn't have done it without you!

-Susan Francovig, Scott Ostrander, and Gypsy Doodle Dandy

Playing with Dogs

"What a WONDERFUL experience!!! Our 12 week-old Bouvier, Abby learned so much and clearly enjoyed her (board & train) stay. Mickey and her staff were absolutely wonderful with Abby and with us as well! They taught Abby miracles and trained US as well!

Thank y'all. - Mike & Caryn Stoll, Carlsbad, NM

Dog Sitting

Dog Looking Forward
Pet Suites training brought out the best in our new puppy! Their training style is calm and decisive and they use basic commands to get all the main points across which is just what I was looking for. There were no gimmicks or props to purchase. The emphasis was on patience, practice and kindness.

Our Bernese pup will be a big girl when she's full grown (around 100 lbs.) so we worked on teaching her not to jump when greeting visitors. We also mastered sit and stay commands as well as how to walk next to me on her leash instead of pulling ahead and walking me. Now walking with Nellie is a pleasure for both of us - instead of feeling like a wrangling job!

Pet Suites accomplished all of this in six weeks of one-on-one training sessions. Our puppy Nellie felt secure and confident during the process.

Although at six months, she is still full of puppy enthusiasm, Nellie now responds to her commands and we are really proud of her.

Not only does Pet Suites staff know how to train dogs, but it is clear that they love and respect their canine students! - Mary S. and Nellie, Santa Fe, NM

Puppy Preschool (2-4 months)

What YOU and our puppy learn during the time between eight and sixteen weeks of age is going to determine - for the most part - what kind of relationship you will have. As Dr. Phil says, "You teach people how to treat you."  The same can be said for pets: "You teach your pet how to behave (or Not!).  This hands-on six-session course covers all the basics, including socialization tips, feeding, information on house training, basic obedience, handling, problem prevention and "how to speak dog", as well as what to expect as your puppy matures into adolescence and adulthood.    
Private Lessons: $180


"We needed help after adopting a 15 month old hyperactive Australian Shepherd "puppy" who needed to be socialized and trained before we traveled from Santa Fe to our home in Vermont.  Thank goodness we found PetSuites.  The staff at PetSuites guided us and helped us learn how to manage Aria. We weren't sure she would do well, with her inquiring mind and constant need for action. But the staff worked with her patiently and she responded. The daycare and training package was the perfect approach for her. We were amazed at how quickly she learned and how eager she was to return for more training and play.   In fact, she showed the same kind of enthusiasm for her friendly kennel caretakers as she shows for us. After just a few days, she was a different dog. We knew she'd be happy staying with you while we traveled across the country, and we felt comfortable you would put her safely on the plane to join us.   You must have done some kind of magic, for she was amazingly calm and happy when we picked her up. Could taking her to the "cuddle room" for extra TLC have helped?  Whatever you did, it worked! A week with PetSuites staff and their care, consistent concern, and supervised play with the other dogs  helped her immensely.  We look forward to bringing Aria back to PetSuites when we return to our 2nd home in Santa Fe."  -- Dawn and Ray Santa Fe, NM and Bennington, VT


Top 10 Training Tricks
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Training Evaluation:

This is a one-time 30 minute evaluation to help determine what your dog will need in terms of training. This can be done with or without the owner present. Cost: $30

Behavior Modification:

BEHAVIOR EVALUATION: Undesirable behavior that happens outside the home can be evaluated and treated at our facility. Our trainer will work with your dog and try to determine the best course of action for modifying its behavior.  Cost: $40

Some behaviors need to be evaluated in the home to understand why your pet is behaving in a specific or undesirable way.  Our trainer will come to your home to try and understand what is causing specific problems with your pet.  Cost: $75 per hour.

Obedience Classes:

Group Classes:

Meet Saturday mornings at 9am. Commands such as "Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come" will be taught, as well as basic on-leash walking & manners.  (in example: no jumping or pulling)  

Six classes INDOOR or outdoor as weather permits
Limit 6 participants to a class.
Group Class Cost: $180    

New classes begin approximately every 7 weeks.

Private Lessons:

Scheduled at your convenience. Level 1Commands such as "Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come" will be taught, as well as basic on-leash walking & manners, (IE: no jumping or pulling)

Six classes - INDOOR or outdoor as weather permits - Cost: $240


Board & Train Residency Programs -

Residency programs, also known as “boot camp” help your dog focus and enable your dog to learn at his/her full potential while being boarded at Pet Suites. Your dog is worked with continuously with the trainer throughout each day in order to best achieve  the desired results.

During a Residency Program, your dog will be socialized and exposed to many different situations at Pet Suites, enabling him or her to adapt more readily to new environments and situations.

Of course, your pet will always receive the excellent 24-hour care and attention that Pet Suites is famous for. A Residency program will increase your dog’s rate of learning and make the transition to home stress-free. Two "transfer" classes will show you how to turn the "Alpha" role over to you.

Pet Suites' Basic Boot Camp

LEVEL I Residency Training Program

This course is designed to train your dog basic on-leash etiquette while being boarded or coming for daycare at Pet Suites.

Commands such as "Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come" will be taught, as well as basic on-leash walking & manners,  (IE: no jumping or pulling).

This package includes:

25 One-on-One Training Sessions (Valued at $1,500.)
5 Nights at Pet Suites in Our Luxury Kennel (Valued at $250) OR 2 weeks of Daycare (Valued at $250)                                            
Training leash (Valued at $15)
Training harness (Valued at $20)
Transfer session (Valued at $60)
Follow-up session (Valued at $60)
Certificate of Completion
Exit Day Bath & Brush (Value starting at $45)                                    
Upgrades to full Groom available.

Cost: $849 (Valued up to $2000)

Training Requirements:

1. VACCINATIONS. All dogs must be in good health and you must be able to provide documentation from your veterinarian stating that vaccinations are current. This is for the protection of your dog as well as the other dogs using the facilities.

Pets requiring vaccination updates must have the vaccination(s) administered no less than ten days prior to any overnight stay or training is scheduled. Individual circumstances - such as titers - may be considered with written documentation from a veterinarian.

Puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age and have completed their first two series of vaccinations, including the Bordetella vaccine, DHLPP, and a fecal exam. Puppies over 18 weeks of age must have their full series of vaccinations, including the rabies vaccine.

2. BOARD & TRAIN AGREEMENT. For a clear understanding,  as well as a safe and enjoyable stay at Pet Suites, all pets must have a completed, signed Board & Train Agreement prior to commencement of training sessions.

3. AVAILABILITY. To ensure a successful training program, you (the owner) must be ready, willing and able to do your part. This includes an evaluation meeting prior to the designated drop-off date and a "Transfer Session" on the date of departure or within 3 days of your return.

4. FOOD/BELONGINGS. You are required to provide food for your dog for the entire length of the stay. Each meal serving should be prepared in individual packets or zip lock bags with your pet’s name and your last name on it. Pet Suites will provide fresh water, and comfortable, clean bedding and blankets. Therefore, no other belongings are necessary.

5. MEDICATIONS. Please bring all medications needed for your dog for the entire length of the stay. There is an additional fee of $2.50 per dose for administrating oral medications and $5 each for injections.

6. DEPOSIT. A fifty (50%) percent non-refundable deposit is due prior to the start of the Residency. If you need to cancel for any reason, please give us 72 hours' notice. Please note: you will be charged a cancellation fee and the balance of your deposit can be used toward future services or retail items.

Sitting with DogFamily Walking DogBoy and Dog
Two Dogs Laying Under Tree Thanks again for taking such good care of the pups. Dagne seems much calmer and less fearful of people in general.  She misses your trainer, too.

You've got a great team of folks working with you.          

We look forward to seeing you again on our next trip.

All the best, - Rosina

Due to popular demand and limited availability of our pet boarding suites, pet sitters, and trainer - as well as our higher average of personnel-to-pet ratio (and resulting payroll) - a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space and/or reserve your dates. If you must cancel for any reason, you can apply your deposit to future boarding, grooming, training, or other services - or use it in our retail boutique - for up to ONE YEAR.

This policy applies to Boarding, Training and Pet Sitting.