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I found Tumbleweed (front left) on the side of the road. She had a crushed skull and other injuries.

Today, after a few months of K-9 Immuno-Massage© at Pet Suites, "Weedie" is running free and fluid.

She is now happy and unafraid.
Thank you Pet Suites - Val Goldenbrook, Abiquiu

Administering K-9 Immuno-Massage - Especially effective on rescue dogs.

K-9 Immuno-Massage © ...


Holistic Benefits of K-9 Immuno-Massage©

If you’re into holistic medicine, you can appreciate the benefits of a good massage. K-9 Immuno-Massage is equally beneficial for pets, especially when done on a regular basis...

1. Calming Effect: Dogs bark when they’re restless, tense, hyperactive or aggressive. K-9 Immuno-Massage helps relax and quiet without drugs. Done regularly, it changes behavior by producing calming brain waves.

2. Releases Stress: Adolescent dogs introduced to routine massage are calmer, more sociable and less stressed.

3. Eases Aches & Pain: Canine prompts area cells to release cytokines and instructs brain to release painkilling endorphins. Relieves aching joints/muscles in aging or athletic dogs.

4. Aids Recovery from Injuries: Many soft tissue or arthritis injuries can be treated effectively with K-9 Immuno-Massage. When properly administered, aids in restoration of mobility, flexibility.

5. Strengthens Immune System: K-9 Immuno-Massage triggers the chemicals called cytokines. These beneficial chemicals decrease the level of stress hormones that weaken the immune system.

6. Improves Circulation, Lymph Activity: K-9 Immuno-Massage stimulates lymph nodes, blood circulation: increases amount of oxygen that reaches tissue and flushes out toxins and waste.

7. Helps Stimulate Metabolism: Great for OBESE dogs as a natural predecessor for reintroduction to exercise. Helps produce endomorphins so that dogs want to be more active.

8. Improves Behavior: K-9 Immuno-Massage builds trust and helps reduce behavior problems particularly in rescue animals.

9. Inhibits Hyperactivity/Heightens Concentration: K-9 Immuno-Massage stimulates brain and body; improving dog’s focus and their performance during obedience training.

10. Promotes Longevity/Slow Aging: Stimulates immune system to fight common aging aliments. K-9 Immuno-Massage invigorates
circulation, deters arthritis, enabling dogs to live longer, more active, and happier lives.

  • A Single 15 minute Session: $25     
  • One Session K-9 Immuno-Massage with any Grooming Service: $20
  • Four 15 minute Sessions: $100
  • TEN 15 minute sessions: $240
  • A Single 1/2 hour K-9 Immuno-Massage: $40
  • Four 1/2 Hour Session:  $160
  • SIX 1/2 hour Sessions:  $240
  • TEN 1/2 hour sessions: $350
(We recommend at least 2 sessions per week for rehabilitative purposes.) 

An Angel Consider becoming
"An Angel"
for a pet in need

We have heard from several kind and generous people asking if they can contribute funds to a needy pet's rehabilitation therapy.  After seeing the benefits of Reiki, and K-9 Immuno-Massage for their own pets, they want to share the experience with others; folks who value their companions just as much - but might not have the resources to afford treatment or service dogs who give so much to humans.

At Pet Suites, we already donate considerable time, talent and space to help rescue dogs, but at this time we just cannot afford to do it all ourselves. That's where you come in!

Think about becoming an angel, and contributing to a fund that pays for the treatment of a deserving canine.

Please contact us at 505-424-7387 and we will tell you about a deserving pet candidate that you can sponsor.                             
With the caretaker or shelter's permission we will be happy to keep you updated on the pet's progress. 

Thank you for making a difference in the lives and well beings of both dog and owner.                   

Sincerely,  - The Entire Staff at Pet Suites.

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